Month: September 2014

Why use a Lean-To Greenhouse?

Lean-to greenhouses are non-freestanding structures, designed to lean against another building.  They can lean against a garage, a shed or your house. There are many advantages to building a lean-to greenhouse.  Cost effectiveness is certainly a major bonus point, but

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Greenhouse Do’s and Don’ts

Greenhouses are usually grown either for profitable purpose or for the personal consumption. Some people also maintain these garden greenhouses as a hobby. Whatever may be the reason for building a greenhouse, there are some tips to be followed both

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Rousing success or unmitigated disaster

The question we faced was how to run an aquaponics greenhouse without spending a lot of time or effort on the fish part of the equation. With last winter’s -20 lows trying to keeping most fish year round a costly

Humidity in the Greenhouse

Every plant has special needs, with humidity being a very important part of success for some types of plants. Humidity is the amount of moisture that is in the air. Often, when it is humid, gardeners have a more difficult

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Greenhouse watering info

Similar to humans, plants are up to 85 percent water. Water is what supports the form and shape of the leaves by what is called turgor pressure. Wilting is what happens when plants don’t receive the necessary amount of water.

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