Month: September 2014

Misting and Misters

Your greenhouse can vary in temperatures during the day. To lower the temperatures in the greenhouse it can be important to use various types of ventilation and shading to lower the air temperatures. Airflow through the greenhouse moves the hot

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How to choose the location for your greenhouse

A greenhouse must provide a proper environment for growing plants. This can be done only if proper greenhouse kit is used in building the greenhouse. Planning is important before a greenhouse is built. Greenhouse should be located in a place

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Factors to consider before building a greenhouse

Gardening is becoming popular as a hobby as its an affordable and relaxing activity to have as a hobby. Greenhouse gardening is increasingly popular and a major reason for it is that its easy to maintain a greenhouse garden. There

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EasyGrow Blog

Thanks for stopping by the EasyGrow blog. We try to accomplish 3 things here. Share our successes and failures in our aquaponics greenhouse. Provide detailed product reviews and videos. Research and write informative posts about topics you care about.

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10 Ways to Keep Greenhouse Temperatures Just Right

The whole point of a greenhouse is creating the ideal growing environment for your plants.  The most important factor of the growing environment is the temperature.  There are many ways to maintain proper temperature, but here we’ll cover ten ways

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