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Shading Techniques For Your Greenhouse

Depending on your location and the type of plants you grow, you may need to shade your greenhouse in the hottest part of the year.  If you find the greenhouse reaching unhealthy temperatures for your plants, and the ventilation isn’t

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Greenhouse kits from the bottom up

A lot of greenhouses look rather boring, especially to people who can’t name all the plants by sight.  Utilitarian benches and shelves, a straight concrete or gravel path down the middle.  You know, just like yours. The greenhouse itself doesn’t

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Growing popularity of hobby greenhouses

The hobby greenhouse, is slowly catching the fancy of people and an increasing number of enthusiasts are willingly engaging in this activity. Earlier, the gardening in one’s own backyard wasn’t that popular or renowned, but nowadays more and more people

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Starting Seeds in the Greenhouse

  Have you been putting off growing plants of your own because you don’t know how to really care for your seeds, start seeds or you don’t know how to start seeds? Well, late winter and early spring are the

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Are you considering a hobby greenhouse

Hobby greenhouses are the small greenhouses that are mostly constructed by homes to beautify the home and add a natural feeling to it. Building a hobby greenhouse can be very stressful and take so much time and planning which is

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