Portable Greenhouses – Great Alternative To Conventional Gardening

Greenhouse gardening is a new trend which is rapidly gaining popularity among people interested in gardening as a hobby. Portable greenhouses have emerged as a great alternative to conventional gardening especially for people who have little space and budget for gardening. Portable greenhouse help you to start your spring gardening activities which can then be continued even until fall. Portable greenhouse help you to reaps the benefits of gardening and are budget friendly compared to other traditional greenhouse structures.

A portable greenhouse comes with screened doors and also screened vent spaces which is ideal for the passage of fresh air inside the greenhouse. The screened vents are kept opened to allow outside air to enter the greenhouse to create an optimal environment for the growth of plants inside the portable greenhouse. Portable greenhouses are generally very durable as they are made from UV resistant materials which saves it from wear and tear.

portable growing station

portable greenhouse

Portable Greenhouses For An Extended Planting Season
If you are a garden enthusiast you certainly need a portable greenhouse as it can help you to enjoy an extended planting season which is not possible with a traditional outdoor gardens especially in the winter months. Winter months when we can’t grow anything in our gardens are best for a portable greenhouse as its easy to maintain the moisture and freshness of the plants inside. It’s easy to set up a portable greenhouse and its portable and can be moved from one place to another if required.

Portable Greenhouse vs. The Permanent Greenhouse
Portable greenhouses are becoming increasingly popular among garden enthusiasts. A portable greenhouse suits the gardening needs of individuals who are short on space and also low on budget for their gardening activities. A portable greenhouse is much cheaper compared to a permanent greenhouse and can be easily set up in small area.

Its a general conception that a permanent greenhouse is a stronger structure compared to a portable greenhouse, but even portable greenhouses today are made of strong materials which increases their durability. Portable greenhouse is available in various shapes and sizes to suit the needs of almost everyone. You can easily get a portable greenhouse which is just six feet by ten feet or a much larger one which is fifty feet by hundred feet.

Types of Portable Greenhouse
Portable greenhouse is available in various shapes, sizes and styles to cater to the need of various garden enthusiasts. Some of the most popular portable greenhouses are:

i) Lean-to style Portable Greenhouse
This type of greenhouse is best when placed near a garage or attached to the shed of a home and can be great to grow plants almost round the year.

ii) Miniature Portable Greenhouse
These type of greenhouse is ideal for people who have very less space but are interested in gardening. These type of greenhouse is best suited for growing smaller plants like shrubs and perennials as they are smaller in size and can be accommodated in a small space.

Portable greenhouses are great for someone who is low on budget and lacks the space to set up a larger greenhouse. It is a great way to enjoy your gardening without making a huge investment or setting aside a large area to set up the greenhouse. Get yourself a portable greenhouse today and start enjoying and extended gardening season today.

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Growing Organic Food in a Greenhouse

organic food in the greenhouse

organic food in the greenhouse

One of the most rewarding uses of a greenhouse is growing your own food.  There’s just nothing like literally eating the fruit of your own labor.  You might also find a significant cost savings for growing certain things yourself, rather than buying them in the store.

Since you control the entire process of growing your veggies, you can also choose to grow organically.  Organic technically just means relating to a living organism.  But in the realm of food, it more accurately means “all natural”.

A well planned and maintained organic garden can produce quite a lot of food.  There is at least one example out on the internet of 1/10th of an acre producing 6,000 pounds of food in one year, after maturing for a few years.  That’s over 5 pounds of food available per meal, three times a day, for the whole year.

Advantages of Organic food:

  • ·         Tastes better.  I know this first hand, organic Philippine Mangoes are wonderful!
  • ·         Healthier.  Organic food has much higher nutrient content.
  • ·         Not bad for you.  No strange synthetic chemicals being absorbed into your food.
  • ·         Environmentally friendly.  Sustainable and won’t put any chemicals in the water supply.


By growing your own organic food, you’ll be healthier.  Not only because the veggies, herbs and fruits are better for you, but because you’ll end up eating more of them.  Vegetarians live 10+ years longer than non-vegetarians, so obviously eating more veggies is a good plan.

Growing all natural, or organic, food means avoiding or eliminating all modern synthetics from the process.  Organic food can have none of the following:

  • ·         Synthetic pesticides
  • ·         Chemical fertilizers
  • ·         Genetically modified organisms
  • ·         Industrial solvents
  • ·         Irradiation
  • ·         Chemical food additives.


To get started growing organically in your greenhouse, you need to first stop using all the usual pesticides, weed killers and other chemical sprays or feeds anywhere inside or near the greenhouse.

You also need to plant your new foods in new soil, void of all the usual chemical fertilizers.

Bugs!  If you’re the type who hates bugs, then perhaps organic growing isn’t for you.  You’ll need bugs, worms and other little living things in your soil to do the work of fertilization.

You’ll want to use good compost, spread thinly over all of your soil.  You also should start your own compost pile.  Just pile up the organic remains of everything else, and keep it damp.  Occasionally spread the compost around your plants lightly, or mix it half and half with your soil when planting new.

What can you grow organically in your greenhouse?

Herbs: They grow quickly and are harvestable in a short time.  Parsley, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme, and many others.

Peppers:  Bell peppers, Serrano peppers are obvious popular choices.

Vine Veggies: Zucchini, cucumbers, squash.

The usual favorites:  Tomatoes, carrots,

Lettuce might work in the winter, depending on your climate.

Growing organic food in your greenhouse is a sure money saver.  Not only will you save money on the veggies, you’ll save money in the long run by being healthier and living longer, too.

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Hobby Greenhouse Kits For Those Interested In Flora

Hobby greenhouse kits are for those people who are fond of gardening. Greenhouse effect refers to the trapping of sun’s energy and when this is used for plants, it helps them to grow. In a hobby greenhouse kit artificial ways are used in building a warmer are for the plants so that they can thrive well.

hobby greenhouse kits

hobby greenhouse kits

Hobby greenhouse kit give a person joy of gardening. It is an excellent way to distress and find relief amongst nature. It is almost a challenge to let plants survive even in adverse climates; many plants may need special care because that may not survive outside and you can cultivate these species.

What are hobby greenhouse kits?
Hobby greenhouse kits are basically made to keep plants in warmth. They are actually a tent like structure made of various materials such as glass or plastic or even polycarbonate sheets. They are supported by frames that can be wooden or aluminum. They are supplied with artificial lights and heaters. They are adequately provided with misting and ventilation facilities. The kits are so made that it is very easy to install them. There are various kinds of hobby greenhouse kits, from large commercial greenhouses to portable hobby greenhouse kit. Racks are also used to keep plants and it you want that kind of an arrangement you can start with grow-rack greenhouse kit. Seed starter greenhouses are preferred at a stage when germination is to be started and compost greenhouses use compost for the plants. For compost Greenhouse you can get a set of composting equipment along with the hobby greenhouse kit.

What determines the kind of hobby greenhouse kits required?

Size is most important factor in greenhouse kits. The availability of space will determine the type of Hobby greenhouse you want to install, whether you can afford a bigger Tunnel greenhouse kit or you have to adjust with the portable. The type of plants you want to keep also determines the type of greenhouse you have to build. If you want to germinate seeds you need a lot of space but if you want it only for selective plants like flowers and cacti you can use smaller kits. Vegetables can be grown in moderate to low sunlight but crops need more sunlight to yield. Location where you intend to setup your greenhouse also determines the nature of kit. If you have ample sunlight you buy one sort and if you do not have adequate sunlight may be you will have to choose some hobby greenhouse that will be equipped with artificial heating facilities.

Greenhouse kits can add a touch of novelty to your house. One very popular kit in the market is the Cedar-built greenhouses. Four by four Cedar wooden beams rise and old the entire structure. The wooden posts are made such that are waterproof and resistant to decay.
Apart from this wood has a high insulating value because of which it does not allow heat to escape. It keeps the greenhouse warm in winter and cooler in summer. The designs that are available will simply keep you enthralled!

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Cold frame construction

coldframe growing

coldframe growing

Rather you are making one yourself or looking to purchase, you need to know what your options are. You will find that there are many things that a cold frame is made out of, but most of the time you will run into glass. As for price, you will find that the price will vary, but they can cost quite a bit of money.

You will want to make sure that you are positive about this investment and that you also care about your investment more then just a fly-by night hobby. This is something that will take some dedication and concern. Do you have the time to care for a cold frame greenhouse? You may want to consider the rest of the article before you make a hasty decision.

Basically, you will use a cold frame so that you can keep your gardening hobby going through the off-season. You will want to make sure that you use a cold frame to help you to endorse plant growth.

You will want to put one together yourself if you have the materials and the time, but you can always purchase a cold frame or a hot bed for your seeds. You will find that the cold frame happens to be a box that has a lid (usually made from glass and is clear). This is so that it can absorb as much energy as possible. You will want to make sure that you think about the foundation for the cold frame.

When it comes to the foundation you will want to think about something that the plants can drain the water through. This way the plants do not develop root rot. You will want to make sure that you protect your plants from having too much moisture. It is very important that you give yourself the opportunity to make the most out of the hot bed.

Most of the time you will see that people will use a piece of insulation to help protect the plants from the coldness. Basically, you will use the insulation and then cover it with dirt or pots. If you would like you can always use glass or wood to make the bottom of the cold frame. Keep in mind that the materials that you use can be extra materials that you have laying around the basement or garage.

You will find that you can purchase these or build these. If you are going to build one it is best that you get your plans set and you do yourself a favor and research making a cold frame. This is because you will want to make sure that you use the best materials for your price range and also put the cold frame together nicely. This is something that an experienced gardener would want to do.

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Hobby greenhouse kits for gardens

The right greenhouse will make it attainable to grow most things in almost any climate. Even if you reside in an very hot and dry part of the planet or in a very cool and wet location, a greenhouse is able to produce the protection you wish to make excellent growing conditions for pretty much any plant.There are many benefits of having your own hobby greenhouse but you would like to try to to some planning when you opt to start your project.

Here are several things you should take into account when fitting your own hobby greenhouse kits:
#Size and Available Area:Greenhouse kits will be designed to fit virtually any space, massive or small. If you have got room for a garden than you simply have room for your own greenhouse. There’s additionally a selection of various designs from freestanding to lean-to’s that create it attainable to have a greenhouse in nearly any state of affairs.
#Time:A hobby greenhouse creates the opportunity to pay as a lot of or as very little time as you wish along with your garden. You now not need to fret about constant weeding or having to protect your plants from invasive creatures. If you’d rather pay time in the garden than the grocery a greenhouse may be a nice fit.
#Budget:Getting started with your own hobby greenhouse prices but you would possibly assume. With a quality plan in place you should be able to begin growing your fruits and vegetables while staying on budget. Within the long-run it is attainable to avoid wasting money with a greenhouse since you may be growing your own fruits and vegetables. A package of seeds is sometimes way cheaper than buying that same vegetable or fruit in an exceedingly grocery store.
#Types of Plants:Nearly any plant will be grown in a very greenhouse, however some thought desires to be put into what sorts of plants you hope to grow. When you have determined on the kind of garden you would like, a greenhouse can allow you to manage the environment to produce ideal growing conditions for your plants. Doing some research before hand can guarantee that you know a way to effectively use your greenhouse and create optimal growing conditions.
#Accessories:It is a good plan to become acquainted with hobby greenhouse kits before you get started. The a lot of you know concerning climate management, watering devices, temperature control and basic gardening tools the more possible it’s that you’ll be able to stay on budget.Once you have got set up your hobby greenhouse, most of your work is finished. When your garden becomes established, you do not have to worry regarding environmental parts such as drought, an excessive amount of precipitation, frost or snow. Greenhouses protect your plants from pests like deer, rabbits, raccoons, or insects and will completely eliminate any weeds from choking out your delicate plants.

If you research, set up and style accordingly, your hobby greenhouse garden can be more productive and require very very little maintenance. A greenhouse allows for experimentation with numerous fruits and vegetables and allows you to specific the thrill you receive from gardening all year long.

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