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Building and maintenance of a greenhouse

A greenhouse is a building where plants are grown. Seasonal crops are grown in green houses. These greenhouses can range in size from small greenhouses to large buildings. Various types of covering materials can be used for building a conservatory.

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The advantages of a Perpetual Harvest Greenhouse System

The Perpetual Harvest Greenhouse System (PHGS) is relatively new concept for greenhouse systems that use different technologies, proven to be able to work independently. The main goal of this type of approach is building the most efficient greenhouse possible for

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Greenhouse Do’s and Don’ts

Greenhouses are usually grown either for profitable purpose or for the personal consumption. Some people also maintain these garden greenhouses as a hobby. Whatever may be the reason for building a greenhouse, there are some tips to be followed both

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Greenhouse watering info

Similar to humans, plants are up to 85 percent water. Water is what supports the form and shape of the leaves by what is called turgor pressure. Wilting is what happens when plants don’t receive the necessary amount of water.

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10 Ways to Keep Greenhouse Temperatures Just Right

The whole point of a greenhouse is creating the ideal growing environment for your plants.  The most important factor of the growing environment is the temperature.  There are many ways to maintain proper temperature, but here we’ll cover ten ways

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