Guarden - Coldframe Mini Greenhouses


For serious High-Yield gardening, maximum measurement 4' wide by 8' long. Inside height of 43"!

The Greenhouse film included with the GK Series protects against Frost in the early spring and Extends the growing season in late fall. If deer, birds, rabbits are a concern use our PEST NETTING to thwart these uninvited guests!

Place your Guarden on a PATIO, DECK or BALCONY or create a STANDUP garden. - just put a landscape lining inside the frame first AND be sure the structure can hold the total weight (estimated 1300 lbs [590 KG]- includes soil, plants, Guarden). Use lightweight soil (available at your local gardening center) to reduce the weight to about 650 lbs


Guarden 4x8 Replacement Greenhouse Cover
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This custom-fit, distinguishable greenhouse-film is 8mil thick and reinforced for durability. The specially formulated "diffused light" film increases photosynthesis for earlier and fuller development of healthier, disease-resistant plants. Cover Only: Fits over existing cover frame.


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