Grow Camp

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Width: 4 foot

Length: 4 foot

Cover: netting/plastic

Frame: UV-Stabilized Polyethylene

Color: green

Ventilation: roll up roof

Warranty: 3 years


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GrowCamp 4' x 4' is a raised garden bed and a greenhouse with pest-proof netting and waterproof plastic cover. GrowCamp allows you to grow year round in a pest-free, controlled environment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Grow year round, holds up to wind and snow
  • Better control over growing conditions: temperature, light, soil, pest control
  • Produces up to four times higher yields
  • Accessible raised garden bed - 16" high base
  • Install on the ground or on a patio
  • Easy, tool-free assembly in 2-3 hours. Instructions included.
  • Dimensions: 4' W x 4' L x 5' H

Garden Bed

4' x 4' raised garden bed produces up to four times higher yield due to better soil, temperature and light conditions. Base is 16 inches high, and it is bottomless so the soil stays adequately drained. It can be placed directly on the ground or on a patio. Just keep in mind it is heavy when filled with soil so only set up on a surface that can sustain the weight.


  • Plastic cover for top and sides like a grow tent
  • Extends growing season, for multiple harvests
  • Great for tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and other greenhouse plants
  • Plastic attaches by velcro, and rolls up to access the garden
  • Remove plastic from sides when weather warms up

Plastic cover can be mounted over the insect screen and protects the garden bed like a cold frame or cloche. Creates a greenhouse effect, so you can start plants a few months earlier and extend your growing season significantly. Plastic cover is flexible so it can be rolled up when it’s hot out, or rolled down when it’s cold. You can remove the plastic cover and store during the summer.

Insect Screen

  • Keeps out insects such as aphids, carrot rust fly, cabbage moth and slugs
  • Prevents birds, rabbits, cats, and deer from eating your vegetables and flowers
  • Protects plants from harsh weather - heavy rain, strong wind and hail
  • Allows about 90% of rainwater to penetrate the screen
  • Good ventilation and light shading
  • Attaches by velcro along the top and sides of the greenhouse frame
  • Rolls up easily so you can access the garden

Grow Tray

  • Planting tray for seedlings and starter plants
  • Start young plants in a safe environment while other crops grow below
  • Hangs securely across the GrowCamp frame (4 feet long)
  • Self-watering: capillary mat fits inside the tray and wicks water up to the seedlings
  • Made from heavy duty plastic

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Grow Camp Accessories:

Grow Camp 4 foot Extension
Grow Camp 4 foot ExtensionBe the first one to write a review


click photo for details
extends growcamp 4 foot
raised bed 11.8 inches tall
51" H x 47" W x 47" L


More Details+Price $230.00
Grow Camp Grow Net
Grow Camp Grow NetBe the first one to write a review


click photo for details
supports climbing plants
galvanized steel grow net
33" W x 43" H and features 6" legs


More Details+Price $49.00
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