Mt. Rainier 8x8 Greenhouse

Mt. Rainier 8x8 Greenhouse

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Width: 8' wide

Length: 8' long

Height: 9.11' tall

Sidewall: 5' 8" tall

Cover: 4.5 mm twin wall polycarbonate

Frame: redwood

Door: 28" w x 78" h - dutch
39" wide door available

Color: natural

Ventilation: roof vent, base vent, dutch door

Base: included - weatherproof

Warranty: 5 year frame, 10 year poly

Note: Accessories for this kit at bottom of page

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Sunshine Wheelchair Accessible Door 39"$95.00
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5 Boxes, Weight 472 lbs.

*** approx 3 week fulfillment ***



Our largest greenhouse kits maximize your greenhouse experience. Standing very nearly ten feet tall at the peak and eight feet wide, there is plenty of room for growing and relaxing.

Each Mt. Rainier Model is made with a clear natural redwood frame, twin wall polycarbonate and includes four vents with automatic vent openers, Dutch doors and a base made with recycled plastic. With up to four optional benches, you can optimize your space.

With our pre-assembled panels, you can easily assemble your greenhouse in just a short time--a 6' x 8' model, one of our most popular, takes two people about three to four hours to complete.

Each kit includes easy to follow printed instructions, clearly labeled panels, as well as an assembly video.

Automatic Vents Simplify Climate Control


Automatic vent operators on the roof and base vents require no electricity or batteries. The vent operator contains a paraffin (wax) that expands when the temperature reaches about 65°F, pushing the vent open to its fully opened position at about 85°F. As it cools and the paraffin contracts, the operator’s springs draw each vent closed. It is adjustable within approximately 5°F and easily detachable for manual operation.

Redwood Bench Kits


Specially designed matching redwood benches are available that run the full length of the Sunshine GardenHouse. Mt. Rainier models are 31″ deep. Up to 4 benches can be used in each GardenHouse.


Great looking and durable redwood 2"x2" frames are naturally resistant to insect and moisture damage, and use only second growth redwood to preserve old-growth redwood. They immune to rot, impervious to termites and won't split or warp

45° roof slope transmits low angle sun in the winter, and reflects high angle sun in summer. Durable plastic frame base with the authentic look, color and texture of redwood, but with the consistent properties of plastic, making it resistant to insect and moisture damage and sheds snow in the winter easily.

Provides ample headroom and plant-hanging space.

No foundation required. Simply prepare a flat surface of gravel, wood, cement, or other material as indicated. So lightweight that with a few helping hands it can be moved seasonally.

NOTE: I have done this, including putting it over a fence. The 6x8 requires 4 to move it and 6 is recommended for lifting over a fence. If you have teenagers at home (which we did) this is a great time to bribe them with pizza to bring in thier friends.

Assembles easily and quickly. By far the easiest of the many greenhouse kits that I have built at our retail garden center. Major kit components are panelized for an easy sure fit. Each kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions, and a convenient product assembly video. All parts are pre-fabricated and can be assembled in less than a day with the aid of a power (Phillips) screw driver, a 6' step ladder, a 12' tape measure and 4 tubes of clear silicon caulking.

Double-wall polycarbonate panels will not crack or shatter, they retain heat in winter, diffuse light for even plant growth and block 98% of harmful UV rays. The double-walled, ribbed, translucent polycarbonate has 30 times the impact strength of acrylic and 200 times that of glass. Patented rigid tie connectors make the structure rigid and strong.

We did our own wind test with this using a small aircraft. Best guess from standing in front of the prop right beside the greenhouse holding a wind meter was in the 70-80 mph range.


  • Sunshine Wheelchair Accessible Door 39
    Sunshine Wheelchair Accessible Door 39"
    Average rating:
    Sunshine Wheelchair Accessible Door 39"


    39" Fully Accessible Door upgrade
    If your order includes bench kit(s) we
    will have it sized to fit with this door.

  • Mt. Hood 6x4 Bench
    8ft. Gardenhouse Bench
    Average rating:
    8ft. Gardenhouse Bench
    • Made with attractive, high-quality redwood
    • Creates an excellent work and storage space
    • Fits the 8' long GardenHouse greenhouses
    • 21" wide x 8' long
    • Complete with all hardware necessary for assembly

  • Shade Cloth Kit 12x12
    Shade Cloth Kit 12x12

    60% light blocking
    cools up to 15 degrees
    shade cloth, clips & cord

  • Sunshine Anchor Kit
    Sunshine Anchor Kit
    Average rating:
    Sunshine Anchor Kit

    click for details

    each kit contains two anchors

  • 400 W High Pressure Sodium Light Kit
    400 W High Pressure Sodium Light Kit

    click photo for details

    400 W Light Kit
    lights a 4x4 area

  • Milk House Heater
    Milk House Heater


    • 1300W & 1500W heat settings
    • Temperature control thermostat
    • Triple safety system Tip over switch
    • Automatic reset type limit control
    • Thermal cut-off device

  • Shade Cloth Kit 12x12
    Shade Cloth Kit 12x16

    60% light blocking
    cools up to 15 degrees
    shade cloth, clips & cord

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