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How we got started?

Way, way back in the late 90's we started a small Watergarden Center.

In addition to pond kits and supplies we raised and sold koi and pond plants. After losing all of our stock one winter we decided that we needed a greenhouse.
While shopping on the latest and greatest invention - the interwebs - we found a greenhouse distributer. The catch was that they only sold wholesale and you needed to purchase 3 greenhouses to qualify for a dealership. Since they had large and small sizes to chose from we picked their largest kit plus two of their smallest with the idea to sell the two small ones.

The photo below shows our retail store with our greenhouse for sale out front.


We thought placing the greenhouse with a for sale sign on it on the side of a busy street would quickly move our small inventory.

Unfortunately there was a slight glitch - the greenhouse was stolen.

We soon moved to a larger location with our large greenhouse and our remaining small one. I decided to quit putting "free" greenhouses on the side of the road and instead build one of them newfangled websites to sell the extra greenhouse.

The newer location showing the greenhouses (which were used to grow and hold pond plants)



We started our first gardening website the summer of 1999, processing orders by fax machine.

We were named to the INC 500 in 2004 as the 158th fastest growing company.


We then sold out


We still like greenhouses, in fact if you read our blog or check out our facebook page you can follow our experiments in our aquaponics greenhouse


But, we are also into patio growing systems, cold frames, raised beds and all the "ponics". So please have a look around or like us on facebook to see the updates.


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