The advantages of a Perpetual Harvest Greenhouse System

year round greenhouse gardening

year round greenhouse gardening

The Perpetual Harvest Greenhouse System (PHGS) is relatively new concept for greenhouse systems that use different technologies, proven to be able to work independently. The main goal of this type of approach is building the most efficient greenhouse possible for a reduced sum of money. According to experiments, this greenhouse system should provide more food than a regular greenhouse system and also  stay environmentally friendly in the process as well.


The Perpetual Harvest Greenhouse System can provide an indoor greenhouse ecosystem capable of growing constant yields of plants 52 weeks per year. This procedure can create 365 perfect growing days per year by optimizing carbon dioxide enrichment, light and nutrients in the same time with uninterrupted planting and harvesting of organic material. Because the geo-hydroponics based Perpetual Harvest system can easily simulate warm season growing conditions all year-round, crops that should otherwise be shipped from other climates can be produced profitably in climates that are a lot colder, even during winter months.

How does the system work?

The main problem is the need to have separate growing and flowering chambers working at the same time. So, each time a plant is harvested it automatically gets substituted with a clone from the growing room – this way the bud chamber is always occupied at maximum capacity. Finally, as you understand the cloning times and flowering times of your plants, you can slowly advance to 100% occupancy eliminating the extra clones with no place to plant them. This approach does take some calculations, but once achieved you can get on a fairly accurate schedule to when you are picking your reaps like clockwork. It is the perfect setup for producing multiple strains that have different flowering times..

What system should be used for nutrients?

Because the plants will always be of different sizes, you will need a hydroponic or soil system that can easily be moved under the artificial lights Рthis helps to keep them in the circular formation under normal lighting conditions, or in a staircase placement, with the lights being arranged diagonally, if you are growing under fluorescent lights. You will want it to be extremely easy to place the plants wherever you want to update the chamber, and also be able take them to the next chamber. Good nutrient feeding systems for the plants include soil/pots and also ebb & flow or drip. Systems that have fixed plant spacing Рusually aeroponic and nft tubes or arrangements where the roots of the plants intertwine can prove a lot more difficult to use in a Perpetual Harvest Greenhouse System  setup.


This type of off-season production concepts can significantly increase the return on investment of the Perpetual Harvest system when compared to the more conventional greenhouse systems since the heating and cooling costs can be reduced by up to 75% than for the normal three-season greenhouse system. This method also allows the greenhouse technician to make all growing conditions unique to particular crops so that any crop can be harvested at any point of the year, even in much colder climates.

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