Building and maintenance of a greenhouse

building a greenhouse

building a greenhouse

A greenhouse is a building where plants are grown. Seasonal crops are grown in green houses. These greenhouses can range in size from small greenhouses to large buildings. Various types of covering materials can be used for building a conservatory. Glass or plastic material is used for building a greenhouse. The reason behind using glass or plastic material is glass and plastic radiate solar energy through them. The solar energy thus radiated is helpful for plants to grow. Greenhouses consist of many types of equipment like cooling, heating, screen installation and light. These equipments can be automatically controlled by a computer.

The main use of greenhouse is that it protects the crop from dust storms, blizzards and pests. Various kinds of flowers, vegetables, fruits and tobacco plants can be grown in greenhouses. We have to monitor the temperature inside a greenhouse constantly to ensure the optimal condition for plants. Wireless sensor networks can be used for monitoring the temperature. Proper irrigation must be provided for the plants. Proper input of sunlight and constant monitoring of temperature will help in maintaining good crops.

For commercial production, Tomatoes are specially grown in greenhouses. During late winter and early spring many vegetables and flowers are grown in greenhouses. Commercial glass green house are generally used for hi-tech production of vegetables and fruits seasonally.

On the basis of automatic cooling system, a small window should be opened on any side of the greenhouse. This helps in cooling the plants. Generally, plants re-radiate thermal energy when they absorb solar energy from sun. In order to balance the radiation the automatic cooling system is used.

Based on the building of greenhouses, they can be divided in to two types’ glass greenhouses and plastic greenhouses. One among the glass greenhouse is small greenhouses which are small in size. Very few plants can be grown in using small greenhouses. If the greenhouse keeper wants to grow limited seasonal crops, he can do that by building small greenhouses. Greenhouse which is made up of plastic material that is plastic greenhouses is called as portable greenhouses. This kind of houses can be used for temporary purposes such as growing plants for a short period of time.

Home greenhouses are made up of glass material. These houses are similar to small greenhouses except that the range is size varies. To build any kind of greenhouse, a greenhouse kit is used. Backyard greenhouses are made up of glass material. Backyard green houses are built in the lobby of a house. The main advantage of backyard greenhouse is that we can keep a constant look on monitoring the temperature inside a greenhouse.

Hobby greenhouses and mini greenhouses are small in size. These types of greenhouses are maintained by a person to fulfill his/her desire to build a greenhouse. These types of greenhouses do not need much maintenance as they are very small in size. Basic greenhouse kit can be used in building hobby greenhouse and mini greenhouse. Greenhouse kits contain various equipments for maintaining the greenhouses.

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