How to choose the location for your greenhouse

greenhouse location

greenhouse location

A greenhouse must provide a proper environment for growing plants. This can be done only if proper greenhouse kit is used in building the greenhouse. Planning is important before a greenhouse is built. Greenhouse should be located in a place where it gets maximum sunlight. The best and foremost choice is south or south-east side. Early morning sunlight is the best light for the plants. In order to provide early morning sun light greenhouse should be built in south-east side. North is the best place for the plants which require very little sun light. The personal preference of greenhouse dictates the choice to be considered.

Next point which should be taken care while building a greenhouse is to provide a good drainage. Build the greenhouse above the surrounding ground so that rain water can be easily drained. Oak or maple trees should be placed near the greenhouse so that it can effectively shade the greenhouse from afternoon summer sun. During winter we should maximize the sun exposure on greenhouse.

Water should be manually supplied for the greenhouse plants. Now-a-days a variety of automatic watering systems are available. Such kind of watering systems can be effectively used. Small greenhouses will have a variety of soil mixes that need different amount of water. To control automatic watering system time clocks or mechanical evaporation systems can be used. To provide humidity or to moisten seedlings mist sprays can be used. To water plants in flats, pots or benches watering kits can be used.

A greenhouse kit makes your job easier in growing and maintaining the greenhouse. Before choosing a greenhouse kit few things to be taken care are budget, climate and maintenance. If you find the perfect greenhouse kit for your region then you can grow fresh and healthy plants throughout the year. The first and foremost consideration for choosing a greenhouse kit is climate. Greenhouse kits may vary for different climates. You can use less expensive greenhouse kit if you’re staying in the southern or western states.

You have to choose polyethylene or glass siding if you live in eastern states or Midwest. If you stay in extreme cold climate like Northern states then you need a greenhouse kit which utilizes glass siding, climate control accessories and good insulation on doors and ventilators. These types of greenhouses are the most expensive greenhouse.

Ventilation is another important factor for greenhouse maintenance. Air moment alone is not enough during the summer. Sometimes the light intensity may be too high for the plants. Fans and exhaust fans must be used for this purpose.  The other measures which can be taken during summer are shade cloth, evaporate cooling and paint. For shading the greenhouse roll-up materials, aluminum, vinyl netting or wood can be used. To increase the humidity and cool the air small package evaporative coolers with cooling pads can be used inside the greenhouse. Moist and cool air enters the greenhouse through coolers and heated air passes through roof vents or exhaust fans. When humidity of the outside air is low then the evaporative coolers inside the greenhouse works the best.

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