Choosing a greenhouse and maintaining it

inside the greenhouse
inside the greenhouse

The type of greenhouse you choose mainly depends on your needs. What kind of plants you want to grow and how much money you want to spend, whether you want an attached greenhouse or free-standing greenhouses, which locations you live. A free-standing greenhouse is always an even-span. These types of greenhouses are basically balanced structure and are symmetric on both the sides. Attached greenhouse is a lean-to greenhouse. A lean-to greenhouse is constructed by taking an even-span greenhouse and cutting it vertically. Depending on your preference an attached greenhouse can be either lean-to or free-standing.

Attached greenhouse has many benefits. These greenhouses can be easily attached to your garage, house or garden. It’s easy to provide water and light facility for attached greenhouses. Also there is no need to use heating elements inside the greenhouse because the heat from the house can be rotated inside the greenhouse.

A free-standing greenhouse is also called as hobby greenhouse as it is not attached greenhouse. These types of greenhouses need special care for taking up the gardening. Many different styles and sizes are available to build a hobby greenhouse.

Once your greenhouse is built and you start growing your desired plants then the only thing you need to concentrate is on maintaining the greenhouse. Plants inside the greenhouse do require some amount of care. Adding fertilizer and nutrition to the soil, transplanting and re-potting the roots of the plants, pruning, cleaning and cutting are few steps to maintain the greenhouse. If lots of dirt and dust is deposited near the plant leafs this may cause breathing problem for the plants. To avoid this, plants must be regularly cleaned. If the leafs of the plant are hairy then special care must be taken while cleaning. Hairy leafs are very sensitive leafs. If the leafs of the plants are long, then the dust can be removed by cleaning the leaves with a cloth or paper towel.

If you want to clean very small plant, then hold the plant upside down in between your fingers and dip it in the water gently. Slowly swirl the plant in the water so that dust particles are wiped away.

To remove the debris and cob webs take any old tooth brush and gently touch the plant at the areas of cob webs with brush and remove them. For hobby greenhouse special care must be taken in cleaning the plants inside the greenhouse.

Use good and convenient greenhouse kits for providing good facilities for your plants inside the greenhouse. Proper ventilation must be provided for the greenhouse for rotating the air inside the greenhouse. Adding a shade cloth on roof of greenhouse during summer is the best way to protect your plants from sunlight. Automatic vent openers must be used in greenhouse so that proper amount of air is rotated inside the greenhouse. It is easy to build a greenhouse but the most difficult part is to maintain the greenhouse in a perfect way.

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