Different types of greenhouses

hothouse glass greenhouse

hothouse glass greenhouse

A greenhouse is a building where plants can be grown. The main purpose of greenhouse is to grow both seasonal and unseasonal crops. Greenhouse can be built using different types covering material. Glass and plastic can be used for covering the greenhouse. Various equipments are required for building greenhouse such as heating, cooling, screening installation and sensor systems. Different varieties of flowers, plants and vegetables can be grown in greenhouse. Pests and disease should be avoided for the plants grown inside the greenhouse. Irrigation is necessary to provide sufficient amount of water to the plants. Temperature and humidity must be constantly monitored inside the greenhouse. High temperature may cause damage to the plants inside the greenhouse.

Based on cost and space you want greenhouses can be classified. If you consider temperature as a main factor for your greenhouse then based on climatic condition at your place greenhouse can be classified. Three types of greenhouses exist if temperature is taken in to consideration. They are hot greenhouse, warm greenhouse and cold greenhouse.

A hot greenhouse is generally used for growing tropical and exotic plants. Minimum of 65 degrees of temperature should be maintained inside the greenhouse for growing such type of plants. If you are living in a cold region, then you have to install special lights and heating elements. These equipments help in growing tropical and exotic plants.

A warm greenhouse should have a minimum temperature of 55 degrees inside the greenhouse. Very large variety of plants can be grown using warm greenhouses. The plants which you can grow in outdoor region can be grown in warm greenhouse. During winter season, few lights and heating elements must be installed inside the greenhouse to provide proper sun light to the plants. Any kind of hybrid flowers and plants can be grown in warm greenhouse.

A cold greenhouse should have a minimum temperature of 40 to 45 degrees of temperature. A cold greenhouse is perfect to use during summer season as it produces cool environment for the plants. Various kinds of cooling systems and exhaust fans can be used inside the greenhouse for this purpose. Use of light or heating elements is not required for the cold greenhouse.

Based on the kind of material used to construct the greenhouse, they can be classified as glass greenhouse and plastic greenhouse. Greenhouse should be constructed in such a way that sun light should be radiated inside the greenhouse. Sun light is absorbed by the plants, soil or any other vegetation plant inside the greenhouse. Plastic greenhouse can be used for building portable greenhouses. Small greenhouses can be built using either plastic material or glass material. Plastic greenhouse is generally built by using PE film and multiwall sheet in PC or PMMA. The glass greenhouse contains material such as heating, cooling, lighting and screen installation. These equipments inside the greenhouse can be automatically controlled by a computer.

The air inside the greenhouse must be rotated to avoid exhaustion. For this purpose a small window can be opened. Automatic cooling systems can also be used for this purpose.

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