Greenhouse Do’s and Don’ts

inside the greenhouse

inside the greenhouse

Greenhouses are usually grown either for profitable purpose or for the personal consumption. Some people also maintain these garden greenhouses as a hobby. Whatever may be the reason for building a greenhouse, there are some tips to be followed both for building up a new greenhouse and to maintain it for a healthy harvest.

Initially, you have to decide the crop to harvest and then decide the place, time. Plan everything according to your budget. If a greenhouse is used properly it offers a good way of gardening.

Do’s and Don’ts:

A greenhouse helps to extend the concept of gardening and allows you to grow the plants which are not available in the market all the year. You have to maintain a good environment in the greenhouse.
You should also take care of the soil to be used for the particular crop.

You should try to avoid artificial fertilizers usage and try to use bio-fertilizers or natural fertilizers for a better growth of a plant. As the artificial fertilizers have some chemicals which internally affect the plants and are also cost effective.

You should take care of the crops all the year and especially in the summer unless you have a good ventilator and automatic watering system. It is a good idea to have automatic watering system if you are really not concerned about the money.

A greenhouse can be used for:
•    To earn some money; commercial purposes
•    Some vegetables and fruits can be grown at this greenhouse.
•    It can be very useful to grow medicinal plants which are used to cure some diseases; they require less maintenance.
•    Different kinds of flowers can be grown and can be maintained as garden at home.
•    A greenhouse can also be used for growing fungi which are very useful for experimenting purposes.
•    Can be used to grow hobby plants like exotic orchids.
•    Some greenhouses are used as a part of sericulture; in which mulberry leaves can be grown and used to feed the silkworms.

Size of the Greenhouse:

Usually, greenhouses can be of any length: small, medium and large depending upon the space you can manage for construction.  Also, it different types of crops require different sizes of greenhouses.
For example, some vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, etc require small place whereas to grow mulberry leaves for sericulture it requires lot of space. A greenhouse can be of various shapes: like a frame, round, etc.

However, maintaining a small greenhouse is always beneficial than large greenhouse; because it is difficult to maintain the fluctuation caused by the temperature for a large area. If you have lot of space, it is advisable to choose a moderate greenhouse which can be extended as per the needs and facilities. Many gardeners require much space after a year or two; so it always suggestible to opt for a small greenhouse initially.


Different material is used to build a greenhouse like ventilators, frame, floor, guttering, lighting, etc. Generally, a frame is constructed with wood.

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