Greenhouse kits from the bottom up

greenhouse kit construction

greenhouse kit construction

A lot of greenhouses look rather boring, especially to people who can’t name all the plants by sight.  Utilitarian benches and shelves, a straight concrete or gravel path down the middle.  You know, just like yours.

The greenhouse itself doesn’t have to be so unsightly and uninteresting though.  Just like a nice outdoor garden, there are many things we can do to make our greenhouses stylish and appealing to even the most horticulturally-unenlightened individuals.

Start at the bottom.

Let’s look down for a moment.  What’s on the floor of our greenhouses?  Mostly gravel or concrete.  Maybe you put a few walking stones down, and that’s a good start.  Just like we might do in an outdoor garden, we can make the floor more exciting.  Using interlocking patio stones, or even real  slate rocks will make the floor into a unique and interesting path.

If your greenhouse has a bit of room, you could even break away from ninety degree angles, and create a winding walkway through your elevated garden.  Use round tables instead of rectangular benches, or perhaps custom built tables to match the walkway’s curves.

Working surfaces.

Instead of boring benches, build planters up from the ground.  Then give them a finished look, as we would do with an outdoor garden.  Bricks, stucco, or even redwood.  Alternatively, the benches could be modified to merely look like planters.

Shelving can be likewise improved.  Replace the boring plywood with something fancier, perhaps with a nice molding around the edge.  You could even use some Ikea style single shelves.

Pots and Kettles.

Your pots can also be lightened up.  There are many ways to spruce this up.  Replace the pots with color and size coordinated ones, or with other objects altogether, like antique cookware.  A modern look might include all square pots in alternating or uniform colors.


Again, looking to stylish outdoor gardens for inspiration, lighting can enhance the greenhouse in the evening hours.  There are nearly as many lighting varieties as there are types of plants.  LED rope lights, hanging lanterns, anything you like.

Living Space.

A greenhouse is a potentially great place to have an additional semi-outdoor living space.  If you make into a stylish and attractive garden, why not enjoy it?  A few pieces of comfy outdoor furniture can turn the greenhouse into a peaceful refuge.  Relax with a good book, surrounded by beautiful plant life.

The sky is the limit.

Almost anything we can do with an outdoor garden, we can do with our greenhouses, when it comes to stylizing.  The only limit is your imagination, and for most of us, our bank accounts.  The idea is even more appealing if you live in a colder climate.  Instead of being cooped up all winter, a greenhouse can become a place to escape to the outdoors, even when the actual outdoors might not be so inviting.

Next time you’re in a nice outdoor garden, think about how you can integrate what you see into the greenhouse space.

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