Humidity in the Greenhouse

Every plant has special needs, with humidity being a very important part of success for some types of plants. Humidity is the amount of moisture that is in the air. Often, when it is humid, gardeners have a more difficult time breathing but this is the ideal condition for plants that require high humidity and moisture in the air.

The amount of moisture in the air is going to affect how plants grow and the health of a plant. The purpose of raising humidity in the greenhouse is to moisten leaves, stems and even portions of the plants that are a far reach for the plant from the roots. Moisture keeps leaves shiny, and healthy looking.

Plants that become too dry too fast, when you live in an area that has a low humidity level, will have dry leaves, dry roots coming out of the soil and you will have to mist these plants to keep them healthier. The easiest way to add moisture to a plant is by misting them with a spray bottle when the humidity levels are very low.

It is important to remember not to mist plants during the sunniest portions of the day or the sun could possible burn the plants, leaving more damage then good after misting. Moisture should have a chance to sit on the plant for at least an hour or two before the high temperatures of the sun ‘come on’ for the day.

What are some signs of having too much humidity?

The leaves are looking droopy. Sometimes if you have too much moisture in the air, fungus and bacteria can start growing making the leaves look hairy.

Leaves that are curling up without turning brown have too much water. The moisture from the high humidity levels has already filled the leaves with all they need so they curl no allowing any more moisture if possible.

Plants that have many leaves that are turning black or brown are becoming diseased because of excessive amounts of moisture brought on by humidity. Picking off these leaves and helping the plant to dry out will be important to saving any plant in this condition.

How can you tell if you need higher levels of humidity in your greenhouse?

When the environment is too dry in the greenhouse, you will notice that your leaves will become shriveled, often curled up and then they will turn brown. You will have no choice but to cut off and trim back this plant, but you will have to keep more humidity on the plant if you expect it to continue growing.

If your plant is not getting enough moisture from the air and the environment, the flowers will lose their colors and brightness. The flower buds will wilt often without openings. The colors of the leaves will become very dull looking, not shiny at all.

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