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The AeroBin 600 is one of the most advanced home composters available today. With a huge capacity and suite of unique features, Model 600 breaks down organic wastes faster than virtually all stand-alone compost bins. The heavily insulated, 1.5” double walls with polystyrene center allow for year-round hot composting – even in colder climates.

Black, insulated lid absorbs and hold heat from the sun. High internal temperature means a more favorable environment for beneficial microbes, which promotes faster decomposition. Higher operating temps also kill pathogens and nasty weed seeds. A patented aeration lung at the core maintains aerobic conditions throughout the active pile - critical for speedy breakdown of waste.


Aerobin 400 Composter
Aerobin 400 ComposterAerobin 400 Composter
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47” t x 29” w x 29” d
113 gal. | 400 l | 14 cu ft

Price $449.95 is a Retail Webs LLC company.