Guarden 4x8 Raised Bed


Guarden's raised bed frames

allow you to grow a vegetable garden, herb garden or flower bed on a deck, balcony or patio. They also work great for elevated and tiered gardens.

You can garden in small spaces or in areas with hard clay, sandy or rocky soil.

The 5.25" single depth raised beds are good for planting above good soil or for low growing plants. With depths of 10.5", 15.75" and 21" you can choose the right raised bed for your needs.

Heavy duty plastic frames with three internal, insulating air cells that help keep the soil's heat from escaping. It will not fade or crack and is protected from harmful UV rays.

Rounded corners and the 1 3/4" thick frame allows room for kneeling or sitting.

Quick Assembly
Durable components snap together easily with push-in fasteners.

Decorative yet Tough
Rounded corners topped with decorative caps form a strong, durable structure without compromising looks.

Thicker than "2 by" lumber, the recycled content plastic frame has three insulating air cells at work within the frame to moderate the soil's heat.

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