Palram Canopia


New Improvements - Make sure the Palram Canopia Greenhouse you purchase is an Rion 2.

The next generation of Palram Canopia greenhouses have been re-engineered to improve durability and easier to install. The polycarbonate twin wall panels have been increased from 4mm to 6mm, providing better installation, improved product strength, 100% UV protection and high wind/hail resistance. The frame is made from 100% UV-protected extruded resin and assembles with Palram Canopia’s Pin & Lock system. The new roof system is stronger and manufactured with aluminum profiles and designed for the twin wall polycarbonate panels to slide into place. The roof can be assembled along with the frame eliminating separate wall/roof assembly. The roof vent frame has been changed from plastic to aluminum and tin to help prevent any fractures. With all the changes made to the Rion greenhouse line, the new line is far superior to the older generation.


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