Sunshine Construction


Strong Metal Connectors

Designed to be used in the outdoors, our metal connectors are coated with zinc to give years of life. They join the frame and polycarbonate to make your greenhouse as strong as it is beautiful.


Twin Wall Polycarbonate

Impact resistant, energy saving, twin-wall polycarbonate glazing sheets are mate from a thermoplastic resin. It features a proprietary surface treatment, which provides resistance against degradation caused by UV radiation. In addition it also features a specially developed coating on the inner surface, which reduces the formation of condensation droplets.


Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate is the same high-tech plastic used in aircraft windshields and helmets. Temperature extremes don't affect its impact resistance. Hail and baseballs bounce off. Its impact strength is 30 times greater than acrylic and 200 times greater than glass. After glass, polycarbonate is the most flame resistant glazing

Double-wall panels retain heat to help plants stay 10-20 deg.F warmer in winter. If you use a heater, you'll save 40% of the cost of heating a single-pane glass greenhouse.

Design maximizes the quality of light for full, straight and even plant growth. Sunlight is scattered by the ribs between panel walls to surround plants without shadowing or burning them.

UV-resistant additive in panels blocks 98% of the harmful UV rays while transmitting 83% of the visible rays that plants need for maximum growth. Plants are more productive. Glazing carries a 10 year limited warranty against hazing and discoloration.

Panels won't crack or shatter. They may be cut with a fine toothed saw, allowing easy installation of plumbing or heating equipment.


Natural Redwood

Beautiful to look at, our redwood is resistant to insects and decay and harvested from second growth trees on non public lands. You can leave redwood untreated and it will become naturally gray or apply your choice of paint or stain.

Automatic Ventilation Simplifies Climate Control

Automatic vent operators on the roof and base vents require no electricity or batteries. The vent operator contains a paraffin (wax) that expands when the temperature reaches about 65 deg.F. As it cools and the paraffin contracts, the operator's springs draw each vent closed. It is adjustable within approximately 5 deg.F and easily detachable for manual operation.

Thorough Air Circulation


The roof vent allows air to escape at the hottest point, the roof ridge. Cooler air enters the base vent, creating a chimney effect and circulating cool fresh air throughout the GardenHouse. The convenient Dutch door provides additional ventilation control and easy access.

No Foundation Required

Exceptionally rigid and lightweight, only the corners of a GardenHouse need to be anchored to the ground.

Assembles Quickly and Easily

Major components are panelized for an easy, sure fit. Panelized sections are joined by screws. A power screwdriver, a 6' stepladder and a tape measure are all that's needed for easy assembly. The 6' x 8' model takes about 3-4 hours to assemble. Even the 8' x 12' model takes less than a day for a "non-builder" to complete.

Efficient Roof System

The optimum 45 degree roof slope transmits low angle sun in the winter and reflects high angle sun in the summer. This increases heat in the winter and reduces it in the summer. It also leaves lots of headroom and plant hanging space. The steep roof slope sheds snow in the winter and can withstand a snow load of 18 lb. per square foot.


Panelized and Labeled

To make assembly easy, the framing and polycarbonate are put together at the factory. Every panel is labeled to make assembly quick and simple. Our instructions are easy to follow. is a Retail Webs LLC company.