Sunshine Gardenhouse Greenhouse Kits

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Sunshine Greenhouse Kit Installation

You've seen the joy that owning your own greenhouse would bring, you've studied the features to look for and the models we offer -- it's time to figure out where you should locate our greenhouse, how you should prepare the site, and how you should accessorize your greenhouse to achieve your desired growing environment. We'll help guide you through these decisions so you can grow and relax in your greenhouse in no time.

Select A Site

The best location to site your Sunshine Greenhouse is one that will allow the most sunlight and gardening convenience. Full sun exposure is ideal. A location that is easily accessible to both water and electricity supply will make irrigation, heating, and cooling easier. For placement, we have seen excellent results with both North-South and East-West Alignment - we suggest that you let practical considerations guide this decision.

Even a shady site or a northern attached Lean-to can be very successful growing areas by using supplemental lighting and/or choosing to grow shade-loving plants.

Prepare Your Site Quickly and Easily!

The first step in preparing your selected location is to level the site and provide adequate drainage. While most other greenhouses on the market require concrete slabs or timber foundations, the recycled plastic base and sturdy design of the Sunshine Greenhouse eliminate this requirement. Sunshine greenhouses perform very well situated on a layer of three or four inches of 3/8" to 3/4" pathway gravel (not pea gravel), laid atop a layer of heavy-duty weed fabric. This makes for an easy-to-level base with good drainage. A nice finishing touch is to add a brick or stone pathway (brick will retain heat) for walking and standing comfort.

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